Hey, I’m Rachel

  • total empath
  • rescue fur mom & animal lover
  • nature girl
  • unapologetically loud, but when I make a fool of myself during your session to make you laugh it's worth it
  • true crime podcast fiend
  • born and raised here in AZ and proud of it
  • wholeheartedly believe ice cream is the best dessert
  • mediocre cook
  • seriously, I'm always cold
  • super clumsy, no lie I once dropped my camera in the river

My Other Half...

When I'm not out scouting amazing Arizona locations and planning sessions, editing at home, or shooting incredible clients, I enjoy spending my time camping and off-roading with my partner Robert, our families, and our pups.

Photo of Robert and me by Jennifer Rupprecht Photography, Edited by me


  • never stops moving
  • found in a box on the street
  • brings back at least one bone on every camping trip
  • doesn't play well with other pups
  • will aggressively lick your face


  • comes when called
  • thinks the Amazon boxes are delivered for him
  • drinks the milk from abandoned cereal bowls 10/10 times
  • the best bug hunter


  • my first love
  • the old man
  • nothing will stand in his way of a stolen snack
  • always wants to play ball
  • has the vocabulary of a small child